• Tropical Dream

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      An exceedingly fruity caffeine-free drink that is delicious to drink either hot or cold. Green rooibos with mango pieces, mangosteen peel, carrot pieces and rose petals. It can make a tasty cold infusion by just putting it into cold water for two hours.

      Available in pouches of 100g

    Tropical Dream Rooibos Tea

    Tasting notes:
    Fabulously fruity. A sweet mango-flavoured infusion that is delicious both hot and cold. It is particularly popular with parents and children when drunk cold on a sunny afternoon as a tasty and healthy alternative to sugary carbonated drinks. When the kids have gone to bed, it also makes a great base for alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails. Try a glass of chilled ‘Tropical Dream’ with a sprig of mint or a cheeky dash of gin or vodka!

    Water temperature: 95°C
    Infusion time: 5 minutes




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