• Nilgiri Frost

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      Black tea from Nilgiri (South India). ‘Nilgiri Frost’ is a rare and unusual large leaf black tea from the Nilgiri Blue Mountains in southern India. Frost is usually a curse for tea bushes and in extreme cases can even kill them. However, the tea farmers in Nilgiri have turned this ‘curse’ into a ‘blessing’.

      The frost in the Blue Mountains, when it happens, takes place around five in the morning. When there is a frost, the leaves are frozen. The farmers are prepared for this rare frost and they pick the leaves and send them immediately for withering. Once in the tea factory, the thawing of these leaves in the ‘withering loft’ makes an eerie crackling sound and the aroma is superb.

      The reason why Nilgiri Frost’ tea tastes so remarkable is that the freezing of the leaves speeds up the withering process and this allows the leaves to keep far more of their fabulous aromatic ‘top notes’ than would otherwise be the case.


      Available in pouches of 40g

    Nilgiri Frost

    Tasting notes:

    The beautiful large leaves have a wonderful aroma. Our last harvest was tangy and aromatic, with notes of forest honey, cocoa, tamarind, nectarine and pecan. The aroma of this harvest is similar to a fabulous first flush Darjeeling The aromatic vegetal notes promised by the aroma are joined by heavier sweeter notes more usual to a second flush Darjeeling with notes of custard apple. A fascinating tea that rewards the timely hard work of the Nilgiri tea farmers.

    Water temperature: 90˚C

    Infusion time: 5-7 minutes. Can be re-infused many times



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