• Kukicha

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      This Japanese tea is unique in many ways: it is made of twigs and stems, and not leaves.

      As a result it is low in caffeine while bringing you all the benefits of green tea: antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and calcium. In particular, Kukicha provides more calcium than milk!

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    Kukicha – Japanese Green Tea

    Tasting notes:
    Notes of seaweed/ iodine like many Japanese green teas with
    a very pleasant sweet (due to its high content in L-theanine), creamy (like a biscuit)
    and slightly nutty taste. The latest harvest is wonderfully fresh with a citrus aroma and a full almost syrupy mouthfeel. There are intriguing and longlasting notes of plum, honey, green grass, quince and candied grapefruit.
    A great choice for a low caffeine, high calcium green tea!

    Water temperature: 75°C – 80°C
    Infusion time: 4 mins


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