• Jukro Green – Organic

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      This tea is grown in South Korea, near the top of the Jiri mountain and next to bamboo trees. Watered by the pure waters of the Sumjin river, it is grown on the organic soil of a tea farm that Isabelle and Hayeon visited during their recent visit.  The leaves are carefully handpicked and processed in the traditional Korean way.

      Available in pouches of 50g

    Jukro Green – Organic Green Tea

    Tasting notes:

    This fabulous tea is rich and buttery with vegetal notes and the immediate sweetness of summer stone fruit. Jukro Green fills the mouth with a velvety texture. Later infusions bring out pleasant zesty notes while keeping the full mouthfeel of the first infusion.


    Water temperature: 75-80˚C

    Infusion time: 2 to 4 minutes

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