• Jasmine Pearls

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      Our fragrant jasmine pearls are scented by laying the tenderest green tea with fresh aromatic jasmine blossoms overnight. Each morning the green tea is separated from the jasmine blossom and fired to remove moisture before the next night of scenting with a fresh batch of Jasmine flowers. This process is repeated five times each time with fresh Jasmine Blossoms. Brewing this tea is a visual delight as the hand rolled leaves slowly unfurl.


      Available in pouches of 50g

    Jasmine Pearls

    Tasting notes:

    Refreshing and smooth with the deep, indulgent and aromatic and unmistakable taste of Jasmine and a bold floral aroma. The flavours develop over the infusions. A delight.


    Water temperature: 75 – 80˚C

    Infusion time: 3 – 5 minutes


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