• Jasmine Blossom – Organic

    • £9.50

      Green tea naturally scented by layering renewed fresh Jasmine flowers four times

      Available in pouches of 100g

    Jasmine Blossom – Organic Green Tea

    Tasting notes:
    This organic green tea has been naturally scented with
    Jasmine by layering fresh Jasmine flowers onto the tea
    and then removing them four times. By the end of this
    time-consuming process at least 280g of fresh Jasmine
    blossom has been used for each 100g of organic green tea.

    Water temperature: 70-80°C
    Infusion time: 2 to 3 minutes

    We brew this tea lightly to appreciate its layered,
    full-bodied taste. However it is a very forgiving tea and
    will not taste bitter if over-steeped.

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