• First Flush Darjeeling

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      A typical ‘first flush’ black tea from Darjeeling in the Himalayas in Northern India.
 Darjeeling is known as the Champagne of teas and the most sought after teas in Darjeeling are plucked in the first harvest (first flush) between March and May.

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    First Flush Darjeeling

    Tasting notes: This tea is stimulating and full of the complex flavours typical of a good ‘first flush Darjeeling.’ This first flush tea has a flowery character with vegetal, mossy and mineral notes and hints of lemon and apricot giving a refreshing cup of tea with complex flavours & a beautiful floral aroma. It makes a golden brown cup of tea that can be drunk with or without milk.

    Water temperature: 90 – 95°C
    Infusion time: 3 to 4 minutes

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