• Zero Japan

    Zero Japan teapots are made in Mino which has been a centre of Japanese pottery since the 7th century. The design team is led by Koji Inoue, who after experience with other porcelain manufacturers decided to establish his own range of contemporary teapots. These would express his creativity and blend beauty, functionality and tradition in a product intended for daily use.

    Their teapots have a fresh, modern design with interesting glazes such as their popular kikko crackle. Koji Inoue was driven by the Japanese pursuit of balance, as can be seen in the round shapes which soften the clear-cut lines and satisfy the eye with the harmony of the carefully balanced proportions.

    The Zero team’s attention to detail is extensive. Not only are the spouts created by hand to ensure each lip pours well, but the height of the mesh infuser is such that after drinking one cup, the leaves will not over brew for the second.

    Interestingly the steel clip-on lid, one of their most recognisable features, was inspired when Koji Inoue’s mum accidentally broke the lid of her favourite teapot. Upset, she asked Koji to find her a replacement lid, but despite many enquiries he could not find one. He realised that many people had similar problems, and with this in mind, he started designing the durable, stainless steel clip-on lid featured on all Zero Japan teapots. A clever feature, it allows the teapot to be used with one hand and as the lid is clipped on, it will not fall off.

    It is always a good idea to please your mum!

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