• Green Teas

    Green tea is made of leaves that have been heated to destroy the enzyme that causes oxidation. This process involves exposing the leaves rapidly to a temperature of not less than 100°C for thirty seconds to five minutes. The tea leaves are then rolled and dried.

    Green tea is prepared using water heated to 60- 80°C. In general, lower-quality green teas are infused in hotter water and for longer, whereas higher-quality teas are infused in cooler water and for a shorter time. Infusing green tea too hot or too long will result in a bitter, astringent brew, regardless of the initial quality, because it will result in the release of an excessive amount of tannins.

    In general high-quality green teas can be infused several times. The steeping technique also plays a very important role in avoiding the tea developing an overcooked taste.

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